Speed Traps

Today did not start well. I had a few hours of sleep, went to the bank to cash our loan check only for my husband to forget his Driver’s License at home, and of course mine was not enough. I love how I can cash checks in my husband’s name WITHOUT him there, I can with draw thousands from our account and not get asked for ID, but cashing a check that came from their brank, with my husband there and he needs ID.

So, after getting his ID getting the check cashed we was off to Memphis to get that cargo container. I hate Memphis, I hate the interstate, and well I got stuck going to Memphis and being on the interstate.

We find the place, pick out the container we want go in and pay, and silly me I forgot about tax, so we ended up paying 2844.75 for a container to go in the ground. We still have to get the wood to make the steps, the shed to go over the shelter, and we have to rent the backhoe to dig the hole.

If not all that was stressful enough on my way home I got my first EVER speeding ticket, bad news about this, we are looking at close to 200 dollars, FOR A SPEEDING TICKET. Please tell me this is not happening. This is a speed trap in this area, they keep changing the speed limit, and it goes 45, to 55, 55, to 45, I do not go to this town so I honest to God thought I was going the speed.

When I got pulled over Officer Cockman (yes that is his last name) stated I was going 52 in a 45; however, when he brought me my ticket he stated I was going 57 but he wrote it for 55 in a 45 instead. I didn’t catch this until after we pulled away, and my husband was like “wait a minute didn’t he first say 52?” because we was talking shit about it being 7 over…

So, when I get home, I call the court house only to be told they cannot tell me how much until they get the ticket, hmm for real you cannot tell me how much I am going to get screwed out of forgoing 10 over? She states it won’t be over 200! This is where I cuss “You have got to be FUCKING kidding me” No, I did not say that to her… I did inform her I was fighting it, that was when she informed me, if I fight it, it will go on my record. How the hell does that work, if I fight a ticket when the officer told me it was 52 in a 45, then wrote the ticket out for something else, it will go on my record. So I am screwed either way. I have been reading you HAVE to fight it to keep it off your record, so I have no idea. I will see the price and decide if I will fight it.

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