Telemarketers Stalking Me

I am starting to think these telemarketers are in my head! The other day my husband and I were discussing what we should do about a storm shelter. We can get an 8×10-cargo container for about 2,500 the problem is we only have 2,000! We had roughly 1,500 to work with.

We came to the agreement we would take out a loan with the bank, and just add it to the car loan we have. I was going to call the bank after I napped to take care of all the details. Well, when I got up my husband informed me the bank had called, and they can cut our payment in half, and lower our interest. I was confused, because I had not called the bank yet, so how did they know I wanted to borrow more money.

I went and listened to the voicemail that was left, and it ended up being a telemarketer. They were letting me know I could get my credit card interest dropped, and some other crap. First, I have no credit card so that was impossible.

Then today, we went to Wal-mart to get a few things, we ran into a rude worker. We wanted to get a 32-inch TV for the bedroom, we asked the worker in electronics, and she quickly got rude and stated NO. When asked if she knew when any was going to be in she then again got snotty. I said a few choice words under my breath then as we was checking out, another working asked if we had found everything we was wanting. I let her know about the rude person in the back, she called the back and they did indeed have the TV we wanted. She wanted us to report the woman in the back, said we were the second so far to complain, and it was only 10am.

I was too tired so I said I was going to just call up there, well I never did. However, someone called my husband today, and he thought it had to do with the problem at Wal-mart. He said he got a phone call saying we were getting two $25 dollar Wal-mart gift cards wanted to know if I called and talked to a manager today. Hmm nope, so I listened to it, and it was yet again another telemarketer!

Are they following me? Do they have me in their radar? This is getting to be too much… I am supposed to be on the no call list, why the hell are they calling me!

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