The Case of the Terrible T-rex Review

Being a home schooler it means, I get to pick and decide what Gillian learns about. She has always loved Science and Dinosaurs, and she is not much of a reader. So, mixing together things she likes into books means she will read and she enjoys it.

When you ask her why she doesn’t like to read she responds “because reading is boring”. I do not want my child to think reading is boring, I want her to love to read. Sure, some books are boring, I will admit that; however, you give me a good book; I will lie in bed and read it until I am finished.

We recently got a chance to check out The Case of the Terrible T-Rex by Michele Torrey. The case of the Terrible T-Rex is one of six in the DOYLE AND FOSSEY: SCIENCE DETECTIVES series, this series is aimed towards 8-11 year olds.

As soon as it came in the mail and Gillian seen it was about dinosaurs she had to read it.

T-Rex book coverDoyle and Fossey, science detectives, are on the case again-and this time they’re investigating werewolves on Waxberry Hill, a perilous picnic, a fiesta fiasco, and a dino-disaster…involving a T. rex! Kids will learn all about pressure on the Earth’s core, how pollution affects ecology, and more. Plus, budding scientists can try actual experiments!

After taking the time to look over the book myself, I like how everything is laid out, how the two work together, how they take the time to come to a conclusion after investigating. I love the Science projects in the back of the book. I love how it also shows you how the project works. I personally feel this series is great for home schoolers.

Gillian, is still reading the book, so far she loves all the investigating. She does try to draw her own conclusion though before reading certain areas of the book.


You can purchase The Case of the Terrible T-Rex by Michele Torrey at Barnes and Nobles for $6.25.

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We received a copy for review purposes, no other form of payment was received.

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  1. Thanks for the review – My 8 year old son’s favorite subject is Science but I hadn’t heard about this series yet. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for it for him!!

    • My daughters favorite is Science as well! In the back of this book, there is all sorts of different science projects, and they also show how the project works.

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