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I have been waiting for this show to come on for a while now. One thing I dislike more than anything is greed. I dislike when people have big bucks, and think their shit don’t stink. Sure, you should be proud that you are successful, but no matter if, you are rich or poor, you should never act as if you are better than anyone else is. You may be better off when you have more money, but just because one has money, doesn’t mean they are happy.

For those that do not know what, The Secret Millionaire is, it is a reality show, which originated in 2006 in the UK. This show has now found its way to the US. Millionaires go into deprived areas in the US for 6 days.

For 6 days, they will be searching for those who help others, and they will volunteer their time, they will also live as if they are poor. After the 6 days are over, they will let the secret out to whom they really are, and then they will share so much of their fortune to those who need it the most.

America really would be a better place if we all worked together as one nation under God, instead of for each their own.

Tonight’s secret millionaire was Dani Johnson, she had me in tears more than once during this episode. Here is a woman that went from being homeless, on welfare, eating popcorn for dinner at the age of 21 to a millionaire at the age of 23. She is one of those millionaires that were not born into wealth like Paris Hilton.

When you go from nothing to everything, you have a different appreciation for things. My husband and I struggled so much when we first had our daughter, we was living off 500 a month, got food stamps and had a hard time making ends meet. Granted we still live paycheck to pay check, but we manage.

I try as much as I can to help others less fortunate then us, when one helps those unable to help themselves you get a warm feeling inside.

One thing, I loved about Dani is the fact she connected with all those she helped; she didn’t look down upon, or think she was better than them. When we was getting food stamps my case worker acted as if the money I was getting on my card each month came from her pocket, she was a very hateful person. One day I went into her office and she was giving me an attitude, I let into her, I let her know if I didn’t have a child to think about, I sure the hell wouldn’t be sitting in front of her asking for help.

Many people will not ask for help, because they are ashamed. After me going off on my caseworker, her attitude did a 180, she was the sweetest person in the world after that. Thankfully, we no longer need help, but those who do should never feel ashamed or embarrassed for needing some sort of assistance, and for those who are in a spot to help should. Even if you are only donating your time, the one receiving your time will appreciate it more then you will ever know.

Who else watched The Secret Millionaire tonight? What are your opinions about the show, about wealth, about everyday struggles? I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this matter.

Want to watch The Secret Millionaire? Tune into ABC, Sunday nights at 7pm CST!

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