Acme Made eReader Case Giveaway and Review

How many of you moms out there would prefer an eReader to an actual book? I know I would, if it came down to choosing I would go eReader any day. Why would  I personally prefer an eReader over a book, with the eReader I can store all my favorite books into one unit, no more losing my book, or losing my place in my favorite book. In addition, they are so easy to slip into your purse and take to those doctor appointments. Nothing I hate more than having to sit in the waiting room for a long time with nothing to do.

Acme Made, has cases to help you protect your eReader/ipad from being damaged while in your purse. Whether you want a hardback folio case for your eReader, or a slick case.

Hardback Folio for the eReader: The Acme Made Hardback Folio offers a perfect blend of style and protection with a book-like protective cover and a removable, custom-molded silicone skin. The outer cover is crafted with classic book linen, providing the authentic feel of a hardcover book. The silicone skin utilizes Acme Made’s ButtonDownTM technology, allowing the eReader to be easily and securely buttoned into the cover and quickly removed for convenience. The Hardback Folio DX also has a unique system for reading in “hands-free” or landscape mode whereby the cover can be folded back and secured with the elastic strap, turning it into an easel for horizontal display. Its thin design and quality construction make the Hardback Folio a beautiful complement to Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle DX. Hardback Folio $39.99, Hardback Folio DX $49.99.

Slick Case for the eReader: Designed for the road warrior, the Acme Made Slick Case is a compact, zippered case with an internal divider to store cables or accessories. The eReader can be secured into the Slick Case for book-style reading, or it can be used purely as a protective, zippered travel case. The Slick Case is designed with Acme Made’s unique StretchShellTM neoprene that is both water and stain resistant while still offering the padding of traditional neoprene. The Slick Case is available in two sizes and fits a variety of devices including the Amazon Kindle, Sony’s latest eReaders, and the new NOOKTM from Barnes & Noble. Slick Case $29.99, Slick Case DX $34.99, Slick Case iPad $39.99.

These cases are made nicely, and I can tell they will last awhile. One thing I liked the most was the fact they fold, I like looking up recipes online, and having easy access to recipes, so I can take the eReader with me to the kitchen, and sit it on the counter and still be able to see my recipe.

Folio for ereaderSlick Case ereader caseiPad protection


You can purchase Acme Made products to help better protect your expensive gadgets on their website. They also carry laptop bags, and camera cases! For prices please visit

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I have a iPad Skinny Sleeve in gloss white retail value 34.99, a olive with red hardback folio which will fit a regular size kindle retail value $39.99, and olive with red hardback folio DX which will fit a large kindle retail value $49.99 to giveaway to three lucky readers. Let me know which one you would prefer.

Mandatory: Head on over to Acme Made and tell me another product you like, or something you learned about the company.Also, be sure to let me know which one you are interested in winning.

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Giveaway will end April 20th, @ 11:59pm CST. Giveaway is open to US  residents 18 an older. Once winner is drawn I will contact them via email and they  will have 48hrs, to contact me back with the proper information. If a winner fails to respond a new winner will be drawn. All my winners are drawn with… And the winner is… Plugin for wordpress.

Disclosure: I received 2 DX cases for review purposes only, no other form of payment was received.


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    olive with red hardback folio DX which

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    I like the The Slim Cargo
    thank you

  18. Carla L. says:

    I like the sleek video that would fit my flip perfectly. Thanks for the giveaways!

  19. I like THE BOWLER POUCH!

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    I like the The Designer Slim laptop bag in Eco Stripe.

  41. I learned that “Acme Made was created in 2002 with the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing and selling well-designed products to protect your computer and peripherals.” I like hte iPad Skinny Sleeve in gloss white.

  42. sheila k. says:

    I could use the cover for the kindle (smaller size). Right now I am using a mailer as a cover

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    i also like the designer slim

  44. I like the Union Ultra-Zoom camera case. I like the Olive w/Red Hardback w/Folio Kindle case.

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