Deadly Tornado Outbreak

Where should I start, the past few days the mid-south was bombarded by tornado after tornado. If I recall the count of tornadoes that have made their way through the mid-south was roughly 164 within a 24 hour period. They’re stating this was the DEADLIEST Tornado outbreak in four decades. The death count continues to rise, the last count I heard was at 292.

Alabama was the hardest hit, several are still missing and unaccounted for, homes, and towns have been completely demolished. When I see the images on the TV of what these storms have done, I thank God our area was not hit that hard. I think we got pretty lucky; however, next time we may not get so lucky.

I hope God gives us a break so the ground can dry up and we can get our cellar done.  These storms have become a big eye opener for me, they have made me see I spend WAY to much time online, and not enough time with my family.

So I have decided it is time to step back, breath and enjoy my beautiful daughter, and my awesome (most the time) husband. God has given us permission to use the Earth, and we never know when he will cancel our contracts.

My heart-aches for those effected by these storms, I pray they will find peace, and the strength to rebuild. For those not effected keep in mind this could happen anywhere and at anytime, so hold the ones you love close, you never know when it maybe their last day on Earth.

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