Easter Baskets from Gourmet Gift Baskets

Not much more, time to get those Easter Baskets! Have you checked out all the awesome baskets Gourmet Gift Baskets currently carries for Easter?

They have baskets for the gum lovers,

Gum Basket from Gourmet Gift BasketsLooking for a fruit basket with a twist? Give one of our fruit flavored Gum Baskets! Our new fruit baskets include an assortment of the latest flavors of your favorite gums like Extra®, Orbit®, Orbit Mist™, Juicy Fruit®, 5® and Hubba Bubba® bubble gum in a reusable, decorative basket. These playful interpretations of our traditional fruit baskets are perfect for sharing at home or at the office!

The ice cream lovers,

Gourmet Ice Cream BasketsYour sundae experience is about to get a seriously gourmet upgrade! The Ice Cream Smorgasbord™ packs tons of fun ice cream sauces, toppings and cones that are guaranteed to please everyone from amateurs to connoisseurs. With something for everyone including hot fudge, caramel sauce, fruit, nuts, candy, an ice cream Scooper and much more, the award-winning combinations in this ice cream gift basket are sure to delight!

They even have a Easter Care Package!

Gourmet Gift Baskets Easter BasketsOur Easter Care Package has all of the classic Easter treats and is perfect for your friends and family away from home. This collection of Easter Baskets in a care package includes chocolate, candy, snacks, and toys will make your recipient feel the joy of Easter morning. These care packages include loosely packaged marshmallow PEEPS, a solid milk chocolate bunny, gourmet jelly beans, fruit gummies, Smarties, Golden Caramel Nuggets, cotton candy, plain and peanut M&Ms, Twizzlers, Blow Pops, Lifesavers Gummies, Sour Patch Kids, Tootsie Pops, Cracker Jacks, chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispies Treats, Oreos, Nerds, Fruit Snacks, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and animals crackers. For some Easter fun we’ve also included plastic colored Easter Eggs and an inflatable beach ball. Don’t miss out on sending this care package, one of our most popular Easter gifts this year!

From personal experience with Gourmet Gift Baskets, their products are amazing. When I was first introduced to “Gourmet” products I was a bit disgusted, the products I had from a different company tasted awful. I was somewhat sad for the people who liked the gourmet products, because the non-gourmet tasted so much better!

However, my opinion on gourmet products changed once I received my first basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets, the products was so fresh and was to die for, my daughter and I sat there and ate the whole basket, leaving a small bit for daddy to try. We all agreed those gourmet treats were awesome!

The reason being Gourmet Gift Baskets, only uses the best products in their baskets. Making all those who purchase not only happy customers, but also returning customers!

So if you still have not got those Easter Baskets yet, head on over to Gourmet Gift Baskets, and get to ordering!

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