Simple and Cheap Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

With the economy the way, it is today, money maybe tight during the holiday seasons. However, there is several other ways to show mom you love her, and they do not cost a lot.

Sure, all those store bought items are nice, but when our incomes are cut short, due to the rising cost of food and gas our money has to be put elsewhere. Therefore, when Mother’s Day comes around this year, think about letting the kids make mom something special, and unique.

A nice homemade card, showing mom how much she’s loved and appreciated, is better than any store bought card! These cards are ones that she will treasure for years to come.

After the personalized cards are made you can let the kids make mom a special gift. The kids can make with items found already in the home several gifts. When making mom her special presents make sure all are involved, even your toddler can join in on making these unique gifts for mom.

Great Gift Ideas To Make Mom This Mother’s Day:

Candle Holders

What you will need:

Glass Jars

Elmer’s glue


Tissue paper

Lots of love

Candleholders are a great gift idea, and they’re simple to make. Take your tissue paper and cut into different sizes and shapes. Mix your glue and water 50/50. You want the same amount of water as glue; this will make your sealant. Arrange the pieces on to your jar; just below the rim of the jar, this will give your jar a stain glass look. Use the glue mixture as a seal and let it dry. Remember to place the tissue paper BELOW the rim of the jar, failing to do so can become a fired hazard.

Framed Photos

Framed Photos are neat gifts to give mom; if she works in an office, she can display these in her work area, or on the fridge at home.

What you will need:

Thick Paper (card stock, construction, or scrapbooking paper)

Picture you want to frame. (One of the kids and mom are great)

Crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, paint or anything else you might want to use to decorate these frames.


Magnet (optional)


Cut out your frame how you would like it, whether you want it to be a heart frame, star frame, or just a regular square frame. Once you have the base of your frame cut out you will want to carefully cut out the middle section some, so your picture will fit. You need it to be small enough to glue part of your picture to the back of it.

Now that you have that all done, you can glue your picture to the frame, and decorate. Be creative and have fun! One you have your frame done, place a magnet on the back then mom can place it on the fridge!

Decorative Flowerpot with flowers

Small flowerpot (one with a surface you can paint on, or you can use a Styrofoam cup)

Acrylic paints

Potting soil

Flower seeds

You want to start this project a few weeks before Mother’s Day so your flowers have time to sprout. Decorate your pot, once you have it all pretty and it is completely dry, you can then place your potting soil and your flower seeds in it. Follow the directions on the package so you know how deep to plant the seeds. Then make sure you put this in a window area that gets sun. Water your flower, and watch it grow, than on Mother’s Day surprise mom with her present!

Mom would love to get a homemade gift, made with love and thought put into it. These are all gifts she will treasure for years to come, and they will show her how much you love and appreciate her!

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