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In January, a company called approached me about doing a review/giveaway for a product called RelaxZen. With my husband working 3rds, and the night shift having a toll on his body not only physically but mentally as well. I wanted to let my husband check this product out.

I think this was a big mistake on my part, after doing everything that I promised; has failed to follow through on their end. I have contacted the person I worked  with several times, only to receive an email stating she was no longer with the company (thank goodness I didn’t do the other products she pitched me with).

I passed on my winners’ information to a Lisa; she stated she would get these products out to the winners. Here it is 3 weeks later, and I get an email from RelaxZen themselves asking me what’s going on because the winner contacted them.

Please note, 9 times out of 10 when a person is running a review and giveaway, the product is NOT coming from the company themselves, but a 3rd party. Thus, contacting the company is only going to cause confusion, and posting negative things about them only makes you look like an idiot. I know I have done this before, and it made me look like a greedy mad women.

With that being said, I want to let others know when it comes to PLEASE proceed with caution, I have heard I am not the only one this company has not followed through with. So if you do work with them, be forewarned you may also end up burned.

With a name like it would seem they would follow through, all they are doing is pissing off a bunch of people. Last I checked a mad person is not one Smiling!

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  1. CA Monkey Momma says:

    That’s bs! Just because they switch using reps doesn’t mean they don’t have to live up the promises they allowed the last one to make! BOOO ON THEM! I definitely won’t be working with!

    Thanks for sharing this, though. I think it happens to many more people than voice it which allows companies to get away with stuff like this! I’m just sorry for your winner. :/

    • I have no idea whats going on I know I contacted the company several times, this giveaway was up in February they have had plenty of time to follow through with their end. The winner contacted the company directly. They will be getting the product via the company not

  2. I am glad you wrote this. I have just recently signed up with them and gotten a few coupons for free products but haven’t done any reviews yet. I signed up for a country crock mission and the coupons they sent me all expired the day after I got them.

    • I never signed up for the place, I was contacted by them. I agreed then they never followed through. Kinda crappy of them to send you coupons that expired the following day. I will never work with this group of people again. I am glad this post saved you a big headache!

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