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Do you remember the storage unit from hell? How the lot in Memphis had mislead us, and how we was going to use it for a storm cellar. After I received the call from the manager at the Memphis office and he mentioned the container WOULD NOT work for what I wanted it for, I googled it.

I googled all this from the beginning and seen others had used these containers for the same purpose I was wanting to use it for; however, I changed my wording and found a lot more. I found that if they are NOT properly put in the ground with the proper drainage on the sides, and the walls being re-enforced, they become a death trap. The walls have a good chance of collapsing, and I was not about to take that risk.

I started having an anxiety attack, I cried and cried, and read more. I called my dad and cried to him, what the hell was I going to do, we have about 3,000 into this container. We took out a loan to purchase it now we have a container and no use for it. We decided we was going to finish painting it and see about posting on craigslist.

However, I ended up getting an email, this email read, “please remit payment and send new address” This was from the company we purchased the unit from. I was confused what does she mean remit payment why she need a new address, I paid in cash the unit was delivered. So I sent an email back “Please explain” I ended up emailing back and forth with this person. I told her we paid in cash, she said they had no record, so I scanned and sent her my receipt, I informed her I wasn’t happy with the company, I was a bit rude because I was upset. I told her they could buy the unit back from me. There was a lot more said, this just sums it all up. She had the regional manager get in contact with me, so I could express to him the issues I was having.

He called me, I told him the issues I was having what happened on the lot, what we had did to this unit, how it wouldn’t work for us, and how we was stuck. He told me he would refund me my money, I told him I wasn’t worried about the money I had into it after we purchased it. He said he would pay me for all that as well, so I scanned my receipts and sent them to him so he could see what we put into it.

Later that day, I got yet another phone call, this was to get my bank information, and the next day our money was back into our bank account. Talk about how thankful I was, I was so depressed about this whole mess, I mean without that money I was not getting the storm cellar I was wanting. Now we have the money back so we can do it the other way with cement!

I thank God, that there was a misplacement of the money I gave the company, or I would have never got the email from the company, I would have never got in contact with the regional manager, and we would be sitting here with a container we did not need.

This goes to show, even though you get some not so good customer service, down the road you will get someone that is 10x better. I emailed the first person that emailed me and thanked her for emailing me in the first place, it was HER that made it possible for us to return this unit. At one time, I would have said do not trust Mobile Mini, Inc. Now I am taking that back, if you are in need of a cargo container I highly recommend this company.

What makes a company is their workers, every place will have a few misleading apples, but then there is several more good ones that make up for the bad ones.

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