Storms, Storms, and More Storms

I am beyond sick of storms. Last week we got hit with them, now this week we are getting hit with them again. This week they seem to be going a long a bit longer. For the past week we have got nothing but rain, rain, and more rain!

From the looks of things these storms, are wrapping up and moving out of my local area. For those still in the path of these storms be safe! I am hoping we have some nice weather in May so that we can get our storm cellar done. I am a bit worried, and think my husband and I need help. However, he seems to think the two of us can do it solo…. (rolling eyes)

The sooner we get it done the better, it now seems whenever there is word of tornado, my husband’s whole family flocks to his mom’s house… Something about everyone in a small area together just makes me wanna barf. If you know the relationship I have with them you would know why. This why I want my cellar, I want to be in peace when bad crap comes through.

The skies before the storm his the mid south

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  1. CA Monkey Momma says:

    You definitely need your own storm cellar! Quit chancing the storms just b/c you don’t want to be around that part of the family :P


    Jammie Reply:

    We do not chance them, during the week. Only the weekends!


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