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One thing I dislike more than anything is being in the kitchen during the warmer months trying to cook, and having to fight off the ants, and fruit flies. I can have every dish in the kitchen cleaned, those ants will find a small crumb and my counters become their playground.

This Mother’s Day when you are trying to find a gift for moms that will make her time in the kitchen a little more peaceful and enjoyable think Terro. We have been using Terro for years when it comes to battling those pests, and this is a product that works and I stand behind 100%.


A little about Terro products:

Terro Fruit Fly TrapThe Terro Fruit Fly Trap is specifically designed to ward off annoying pests. The new trap is a must-have for any kitchen, as there’s nothing more irritating than fruit flies swarming around your fruit bowl and garbage. Terro’s Fruit Fly Trap is designed to lure adult fruit flies, using a special non-toxic food-based liquid lure. The best part is –the apple shaped trap is really cute and looks at home in any kitchen. See the informational video here!

Terro Moth TrapsThe Terro Pantry Moth Trap is highly effective product designed to help homeowners keep grain-loving pests out of their pantries. A familiar problem for many homeowners, pantry moths are attracted to products such as whole grains, flour, cereal and dry pet food that are commonly stored in kitchen pantries.  Terro’s new Pantry Moth Trap, which attracts and kills these nuisance pests, are non-toxic, pesticide-free and easy to use. Learn more by watching our how-to video: video

Terro outdoor ant baitterro ant baitTerro Liquid Ant Baits and Terro Outdoor Ant Killer Granules take care of those pesky ants parading across your kitchen counter or ruining your backyard barbecue.  Terro’s two-step “Bait, Wait and Eliminate” process works to safely and effectively get rid of ants. Click this link to check out how the process works.

I have noticed when using the Terro liquid ant baits, it does not take long before the ants are gone, one thing I like about this product is once they are gone they do not come back for a while. When I first got these products in the mail, I set out a trap with some bait on it, the next morning the ants were in heaven. HAH little did they know they was about to die. Since then I have not seen an ant on my counter. I swear by this product.

I have not yet had to use the fruit fly trap, but before summer, I know I will have caught many fruit flies. One thing I like about this trap, it’s not all blah looking. It will sit nicely wherever I place it, and it will not be an eye sore.


You can purchase Terro products at stores that sell bug killing products. I purchase ours at Fred’s.

Connect with Terro:

Website: http://www.terro.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TerroDeadAnts

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/TerroDeadAnts

Blog: http://www.whatsbuggingstew.com

One lucky reader will win the same 4 products I got to review! This is a giveaway you most definitely want to enter, especially if you battle those nasty bugs.

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Disclosure: I received Terro products for review purposes only, no other form of payment was received.


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