ipad 2 anyone?

Recently, I started entering giveaways again. I like the rush of waking up to an email saying I won, even if it is something small! Right now The Centsible Life is hosting a giveaway sponsored by CheckNGo for an ipad2! Man, I would so love an ipad just think I could lay in bed like Jen does and chat on fb. (drooling)

I do have to say my family is guilty when it comes to those payday loans. People may fuss and say they are not the way to go; however, I beg to differ, if you are in a jam for the week one of these places can be a life saver. Sure you have to pay so much more money back for borrowing, but I would rather pay back a few more dollars then not have no food in the house.

So if you wanna change to enter head on over to The Centsible Life, her blog says the 15th is when it expires, I found it on OLS and it showed it expires May 7th. Good Luck to those who enter.

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  1. karen M says:

    Wowzier.. got it on my long wishlist! :)

    • Jammie says:

      mmhmm I would so LOVE to win an ipad2, I have a ipod touch, but the bigger screen would be a blessing. Good luck if you entered. :)

  2. Shaun A says:

    Winning an ipad2? Wow! I’m still trying to win a ipod. (though I have a dinky mp3 player that serves me just fine :)

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