Osama Bin Laden Dead

Victory! Bin Laden is now Dead we can now heal and move on. Now we need to all come together as one, and work to make this a better place. We need to feed the hungry and help the sick. No more turning our backs on ANYONE.

As I sit here and watch the President, I hope and pray we do come together as one Nation. I hope we will use all this as a HUGE learning experience, when we work against eachother, all we get is a huge war. It is time we all put our egos aside, and stop being so damn hateful.

I remember when 9/11 happened. My daughter was a few weeks old, and I was at the health department. My eyes became glued to the TV and my heart sank for all those who lost their lives that day. Now we have justice for all those who perished in this senseless act. It is now time, to come together as one Nation and help each other.

May God Bless all those soldiers and their families, and all those who lost loved ones during 9/11. Now it is time to heal.


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  1. redrum says:

    Bin Laden isnt even real. He’s a made up terrorist persona used by the government for popularity. He’s been killed several times now, Popularity ratings plummeting?? WHAT DO??? RUN THE WE KILLED OSAMA ROUTINE! Ok sure I’m just kidding. But in all seriousness who in their right mind can trust anything the government says now days? Everyone is questioning it. And even though it is highly likely this time is the real deal. They always leave out details that are later found out on the internet and leave people asking “well why didn’t he tell us that?” The government needs to tell the American People more about everything. And do it in an intelligent and in depth way so the American People aren’t left feeling alienated and left out by their own system and then just maybe… the government would earn more credibility and people would trust in their statements.

    That’s all I have to say about that

    redrum redrum

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