Rejoicing Over The Death of Osama

I am sure by now; most everyone has heard the news about the take down of Osama Bin Laden. Images and rumors are spreading like wild fires online. Some say he was killed a week ago, and DNA testing just came in, some are saying he was Killed yesterday.

The news we heard last night really is nothing new, how many times have they said that Osama was killed, does this man have 9 lives? Is this really, the real deal is he really 100% without a doubt dead.

We know something went down in Pakistan, one resident tweeted the take down without even knowing it. He has now become somewhat famous, and now the media is having a hay day with him. We also know businesses are eating up this news, and shortly after it broke, Osama shirts hit the internet just as fast as all the rumors did.

I was up until 6:30 this morning reading everything everyone was saying about the event that took place last night. So many stories, when all I want is the truth. Will we ever really get that, the truth? Probably not, I think the media plays this big game of “telephone” before they decide to post what actually is going on.

Do you remember playing telephone as a kid?

If this is real this time, and Osama is really dead, then what does this mean for the Nation. Does this mean terrorism is over, does it mean it has only begun? I personally have no idea what is in our near future.

However, I do know one thing, whether Osama is dead, or alive we will always be at some sort of risk. Whether we are at risk from the weather, or from another attack, we can only hope and pray we have all learned something from this, and we take more caution in the future.

I can also say, if this news is the truth, I am happy. I am glad Osama is finally gone, I am glad those who lost family members in the attack on 9/11 can finally find closure. I am glad all those lives lost during this war, was not lost for no reason. I am glad the families of our troops can sigh a bit of relief.

Does me being glad Osama is dead make me a bad person, some will say two wrongs do not make a right. However, I do beg to differ, I think sometimes it takes two wrongs to make a right. A lot of people are not happy with the fact thousands are celebrating the death of Osama, I look at it as celebrating a victory for all those who have lost their lives, because of an act this man put into place.

I have a question, for all those who think two wrongs do not make a right, and that have an ill feeling towards those celebrating this victory.

Let us be honest and real here… If your child were to be raped/molested or killed what would your first reaction be…

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