Amish or Nun?

Remember the clothes I got off freecycle? Well, in the bag of clothes there was a long black skirt, and a black shirt. Gillian thought it would be super awesome to wear all black. I tried to explain that, usually people wear all black when they are going to a funeral. She made the statement, she thought people wore them to fell dark.

I assume she was talking Gothic. So today she decided she was going to put it on and check herself out. She was so proud of her new look she had to come show mom and dad.

Daddy, started telling her she looked Amish, I think she looks more like a nun. She was confused so they googled, I grabbed the camera, she took off. But being the good mom that I am, I made her step outside so I could get a picture… Can you imagine how made she was? Well have a look for yourself…


Well, whatcha think? Think she was happy with her momma? Her words after I took the picture “You better not put that on your blog”

So this is our little secret. :)

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  1. Bobbie {OneScrappyMom} says:

    I love her comment! My kids are forever telling me “You better not blog that”. It cracks me up! I think it goes look Amish! How about pairing the skirt or shirt with something else? I think the pieces are both cute, but maybe if she paired them with other things they wouldn’t be so “Amish” looking.

    I find myself in this situation with my kids sometimes. I usually just allow it on days I know they are going to be around the house and outside our home.

    • She is something else, you should see some of the things she wears to walmart, I am surprised she has not made it on the people of walmart site. She thinks she needs to wear all the same color, kids anyways!

  2. Love the pic.. she is too cute…:-)

  3. I think she looks cute! I am a new follower from Alexa Hop! Please stop by to say hi!

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