Confused, and undecided.

Man, I have never had to make a decision so huge before. I am debating back and forth what field on what to go into. On one hand I want to do nursing, I would love to be a hospice nurse, and there are always jobs for nursing. Then on the other hand, I want to go into the IT field, I want to learn how to program, I love figuring things out online, and computer related items. However, I think the jobs for this might not be as easy to find.

I go Monday to take my Compass test, then I supposed I will make an appointment to meet with the adviser so that we can get the FA going, then shots, then umm I should probably figure out what I want to become before I meet my adviser, or have my adviser help advise me!

I never thought I would have to make this decision, I have to say this is a pretty darn hard decision to make!


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  1. Check out health informatics ( It’s a field of medicine that deals with using IT to deliver the most effective care to patients.

    I have worked extensively in IT and in emergency medicine.

    More jobs in health care that pay better right out the gate. Involuntary unemployment in nursing is rare. In business, the IT shop is one of the first places they let people go when business sages.

    • Thank You Mike! You are so right, I am going to stick to my original plans and go to school for nursing, there are so many areas in nursing I can go once I am in, so much more I can learn.

      My husband and I was discussing this as well, I am more likely to get a job in nursing then in the actual IT field, I really, really want to work with hospice. Just now sure how to get to that place, my father in law passed of cancer almost 4 years ago, and I would love to help Cancer patients that would rather be at home, then in a hospital.

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’d say nursing, because in nursing there are so many options. When I was a nurse I did nursing home work for a year, then went to hospital nursing where I spent a few years on the neuro floor, then to the pediatric floor for a few years, then I went back to nursing home work, then into home health care, until my own health stopped me from being able to do the job anymore. I miss doing home health care.
    There are emergency care clinics, various hospital floors, psych nursing, criminal justice (prison or adolescent detention nursing), doctor’s offices, home health care, nursing homes, hospice, flight for life nursing. There are so many options so if you burn out in one area, you can go into another. Then if you get the higher degrees as an RN you can even teach. They always need nursing instructors too.
    Good Luck.

    • You are absolutely right Lauralee, I want to work home health care. I am hoping I can do pre nursing this year, and hopefully get in at the nursing home to train for CNA, to get us by until I get through school. Main focus is LPN/RN then I need to work on my BSN, I know it will take several years to accomplish all my goals, I will be 32 on Tuesday so now is the time to get focused and make something of my life, not only for myself but for my daughter as well.

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