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I have been studying my behind off for this COMPASS test, my main focus is the math. I don’t think I will have much of a problem with the rest, but I know my math is not the best. Trying to find material to study for the COMPASS online is pretty hard. This morning I searched and searched and came up empty.

Going on the ACT site and seeing some samples led me to Google. I searched what I was looking for and came across a great site. It is actually a College site, that has a ton of information. I was amazed with everything I found. I went and printed a bunch of the material off and I have been studying as much as I can. Of course I am doing one area at a time, so I do not get overwhelmed. I want to have one section mastered then I will move on to the next.

After getting a feel for what I was doing, I wanted to get some worksheets to test myself. I needed to make sure I completely understood what I had in front of me… SO off to Google I went again, this time I searched for worksheets for the particular subject and came across yet another awesome site. has EVERYTHING!!! I have been printing off both the problem sheet as well as the answer sheet. Doing all the problems then going back and correcting them. This site is going to be a life safer, if you have a child having problems with math, I highly recommend this site. TONS of worksheets and other great resources.

“Cough” This is not a sponsored post, I am posting this for those that have a child struggling with Math, these sites will help them in many ways.

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