Math Blows!

Yes, math is no good… So I contacted the local College today, as well as an out of state one. I received a lot of helpful information. I have signed up for one of them, now is the time to study, study and study more.

The next step is to take the COMPASS test, and see where I am in my learning. I am blah about this part; hey least it is for placement purposes only. So, what have I been doing all morning/afternoon? Studying this math! Math can be pretty darn confusing, I have taken a sample COMPASS test and I did alright, but I want to get into the classes I need as soon as I can, and well if I have to mess with taking refresher courses it puts me farther behind in my timeline.

I have plans, I have HUGE plans, of course I cannot at this time share them, but in the end I will. Just right now is not the time, but it will be very good for my family.

It is amazing how your outlook on things can change when you have goals. I mean sure you can have goals, but if you don’t make any attempt to accomplish them goals, then your goal is no good.

I have taken the proper steps to accomplish my goals, I am going to bust my butt to get good grades and make this all happen. Not only do I need to do this for my family, but I need to do this for ME!

I still have a few reviews to get up, I have been working on those as well, and a fun giveaway. I promise to get those up as soon as possible.

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