Plumbing Problems and When to Say Enough is Enough

Living in an older mobile home, I should be expected to have some sort of plumbing problems. However, I sure did not expect to have all the problems my husband and I have had, with the place we call home. These problems started pretty much when we moved into the place, with being owners, it is our responsibility to make sure the problems stay fixed!

Our first problem, started with a minor leak, my husband not being a very handy man, let the leak go. After all it was just a “small” leak. This small leak lead to a huge problem. It eventually became a very big leak, and my husband had no choice, but to crawl under the trailer and fix it.

It wasn’t long after when we sprung another leak, problem being in the older mobile homes, they have pipes that like to get pin holes in them, this causing major problems. My husband and I decided enough was enough and with a little help from a friend they got under the trailer and replaced all of the cold water piping.

However, little did we know a few months down the road, a line in the yard would bust. The water company noticed the large amount of water we were using and didn’t bother to inform us for over a week!

plumbing problems

Can you imagine my water bill for that month? If you remember I blogged about this in the past… Need a refresher? $245.16

water bill
Gasp!!! Water company say WHAT! Lesson learned, now when a water pipe decides it would like to water the ground, I am calling a plumber!

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