Sticking TO My Original Plans

Yes, I am sticking to the plans I made in the beginning, I really wanted to go into nursing, then I was undecided because I do like IT. After thinking about it, talking it over with my husband and some friends, and getting the opinion of a fellow reader. I am going to stick to the nursing plans.

In nursing there are always jobs, the pay is great, and there are many directions I can take in this field. If I want to work with children I can, if I want to work with elderly I can, if I want to travel I can. If I want to learn more and advance I can.

Best of all when my daughter gets sick, I will know what to do! My anxiety has me freaked out still, I really need to see about getting put on something to calm my nerves, as soon as I get started in school, and get to do some hands out, things will be so much easier. Now I hope time flies, I learn a lot and ace all my classes. I go in for the Compass test on Monday and hope I do pretty well. I know I am not going to score high, they have math on there I have never even seen in my life.

When I went to HS we only did Algebra, now days they are doing algebra in elementary school LOL.

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