A Truckers Communication

Truck drivers scare me, okay not the trucker drivers themselves, but something about being on the highway and boxed in by big 18 wheelers, is no fun! Growing up my grandfather was big into CB radios, I remember staying the night with them and he would have one in his home, and him and his friends would chat on it.

He would get on there and be “Breaker, Breaker anyone read me” Then when he would get someone he would ask them what their 40 was, late at night you would even hear some crazy things on that CB.

CB radios, are a lot like cell phones, they to need signal, and with Grandma and Grandpa living in the middle of no where, sometimes it was hard to get the channel to come in clear. Grandpa would get so mad over that thing, when all he would hear was static in the background. I remember going with him once out looking for an antenna.

We ended up finding a CB antenna kit for truckers, Grandpa is a penny pincher, and he really didn’t want to purchase anything, he once tried to make his own antenna, but it didn’t work all to well! However, after Grandpa pondered on whether to purchase or not to purchase, he finally decided the only way he would get something other than static most of the time, he would need to purchase.

Off we went with the antenna kit in hand, and Grandma didn’t have to listen to Grandpa fuss about the darn thing not working any more.

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