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Not long ago the verdict came down for Casey Anthony. I was dumbfounded, on how 12 people could find her not guilty on all counts BUT lying to the police.  Since when is not reporting your child missing for 31 days NOT some sort of Child Neglect. I sat here speechless, my husband and I started talking about the case, and things were not right.

Several are saying the justice system did work, but in my eyes it really didn’t. I honestly think these jurors had $$ signs in their eyes. Since the verdict the jury members, are now getting cash offers for interviews. So not only will Casey make a quick buck off the death of her daughter, so will those that found her INNOCENT of all charges but lying to the law. I guess, as long as you make it on TV, killing or being involved in your child’s death is less important than lying to law enforcement.

Another thing I noticed, is shortly after the verdict several online clothing retailers started selling shirts with Caylee’s image on them. I would like to say SHAME on those trying to profit from the death of a child. Karma is a bitch, and one day it will bite those all in the ass that try to make any sort of money off this whole ordeal.

Roughly two-thirds of Americans are out raged over the results. We all feel this mother got away with causing harm to her own child. One even started a petition to start a law in Caylee’s name so this does not happen again. This law will not stop the monsters from harming their children, but it will make it a felony if they fail to report their child missing within a reasonable time.

If you have not signed Caylee’s Law please do so now, with over 1 million signatures right now, we are starting to see change, currently 18 states are working to make this a law, let’s get all 50!

Those 12 juror’s did not seek justice for Caylee, and justice will probably never be found for an innocent girl taken from this earth way to young. However, we as Americans can make sure justice is found if something like this is to ever happen again!

Please let others know about Caylee’s law, pass the petition around to all you know. Let’s make a difference for this little girl!

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