Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY

As I sit here, and watch CNN, my stomach is turning. I have followed this case since 2008, and I am dumbfounded. How can she be found not guilty on all charges BUT providing false information. Poor Caylee Anthony was missing for a MONTH, A MONTH I remind you before this lady reported her child missing.

Hmm, wouldn’t that be some form of child abuse? I do not understand how this could have happened, most of the country watched, and seen how this BITCH laughed, joked, stripped, and had a great time, while her child laid dead in the woods. How, in the world, could a jury find her not guilty.

I can see if they found her not guilty on 1st degree, since they do not have a clear picture on how little Caylee died, BUT little Caylee is gone, she was MURDERED. She may not have intentionally killed her child, but her child died in her care. How do we know this, because she was her child’s caretaker at that time, she knows what happened to her child, she is responsible to some sort of extent. So for her to even be found not guilty on child abuse, pisses me off even more.

Now I would like to know how her brother, and father feel about all this, she was accusing them of some huge things. I mean could you forgive your child, for not only murdering your grandchild, because we know that the grandparents know what happened, but also accusing you of raping them.

I see a lot of people talking about how they feel sorry for the family, and the mom and dad of Casey, there is only one person I feel sorry for and that is Caylee.

Today, justice was NOT found for baby Caylee, I pray baby Caylee, haunts her mom until the day she dies.

I maybe wrong to say that, but I have always been a strong advocate for children.

Thanks you 12 jury members, for setting a monster free, thanks for thinking more of the mother, rather then this innocent child that is not gone from this Earth.

This still sickens me, someone can get more time for marijuana, then they can for murdering someone. :(

God Bless you baby Caylee, and may you find a way to rest in peace.


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  1. Miranda K says:

    I agree, and they should make her sterile so she can’t have anymore children. Placed on the sex offender list so she can’t be around children too. I don’t like to wish bad on people but in this case I hope she gets what is coming to her. Karma.

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