Chocolate Twizzlers Anyone?

Who would have ever thought. Gillian, and I went shopping the other day and we came across chocolate twizzlers. This is the first I ever seen these, and well I like to try new things that come out, so we grabbed some.The main purpose was to use them to make some Sugar Mice. I thought they was the string ones, not the straw like ones.

Needless, to say when we got home we had to try these! They are made with real Hershey’s chocolate and I have to say these are for sure different. I am not real sure if I personally am sold on these though. My daughter on the other hand LOVE them. I love twizzlers, but I think the chocolate are not my thing!

Gillian, however, actually liked them, she said after two though she had to be done, because they were too chocolatey for her!

Have you tried the Chocolate Twizzlers yet? What were your thoughts?

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  1. Jill A. Collins says:

    OMG – you found some of these! I grew up in Reading, PA and loved chocolate licorice as a child (35+ years ago). To this day I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE chocolate licorice, and it is like gold when I can find it. It's low in fat too!


    Jammie Reply:

    I never heard nor seen them until the other day! I found them at Walmart, in the Candy Aisle. I am more of a cherry licorice gal myself. Maybe in time, I will find the same love for these twizzlers!


  2. I haven’t had chocolate Twizzlers yet but I have had chocolate licorice before and it’s delicious! :)


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