CrazyDog T-Shirts and the Blah

In the past I have reviewed a few of the crazydog shirts. When you do a review/giveaway for them, they state if a person has won, they cannot win again for like 90 days, that is all fine. Let someone else have a chance of winning. When I enter giveaways and I happen to win something, I stop entering the other giveaways for said item. If I win the item a second time, because I have already had some comments in the giveaway, and it is not stated I cannot claim it, I claim it.

However, if you have blogged about crazydog tshirts, and give them good feedback you are shunned from even winning. Okay, their company their rules, in my opinion this is completely UNFAIR. However, it is nice to know where bloggers stand with them.

I have not worked with crazydog in over 7 months, both times I got shirts for my husband, I won a $15 gc today for their site… I was excited, because now I could get ME a shirt. With school starting soon, I literally have only a few shirts. So this would have went to good use, not like I was winning several from several sites, and making them go broke. However, I received an email from the blog owner where I won, and she stated crazydog told her I could not claim the win, because I have blogged about them in the past. If I would have known, I was not allowed to win, I would not have entered, or I would have given my sisters information. She too entered this giveaway.

Lesson learned, so please be advised if you have ever blogged about CrazyDog Tshirts, or tend to work with them in the past, skip the giveaways they sponsor,  you will only be wasting your time.

And I will be honest, I am not mad because I am not getting the $15 gc, I am mad about this whole situation, I could careless about the shirt, would have been nice to get it, would have helped with clothes for the fall, but I am pissed because they shun those that worked with them in the past, but those that don’t work with them can win 4 shirts a year.

Lesson learned, blog about us and get the word out, you are shunned, enter our giveaways to win free stuff, you get upto 4 free shirts a year. Nice one!

Update, and the email I just received from them, tells me a lot about the company.

“and what we see a lot is bloggers picking other bloggers to win and those bloggers in turn request promotional tees from us to review and the cycle continues giving one person as many as 5, 10, or 15 free shirts! We also see people that enter multiple Crazy Dog blogs and win from all of them, which gave some people 4 or 5 free tees in a month which wasn’t really fair to others who’ve never won”

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