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I have been extremely busy these past few weeks trying to get everything set to start school in the fall. If you haven’t noticed I am finally going back, okay not going back, but starting. Each day that goes by, puts me one step closer to being a nurse, one step closer to actually making something of myself.

However, with each step I get, that is another day that I lose in purchasing clothes. I am a College momma, I need some nice clothes to wear! It has been years since I have purchased clothes, yea I purchase a shirt here and there, but not full outfits, that look good.

It puts knots in my stomach to think, I have to take money from the bill money to purchase a few new outfits, and I refuse to pay full price. So this momma, will be looking for some sort of deals, I am always seeing deals at Kohls, and they have some nice clothes. I am looking into my options about possibly going there to get some.

And you know me, I like using COUPONS! I recently came across a site that has several Kohls coupons! Can you image the great deals I would get if I was to pair coupons, with store deals?  I love coming across sites, that have all the coupons you are looking for in the same place. This gives me tons of options to choose from.

When you have to purchase clothes do you search online for coupons? Do you scope out the stores to find what place will give you the better deals for less? I would love to hear about some of your shopping advice, remember I am not that experienced in shopping for myself.

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