Neat Things to Know About Gold

With the economy being a mess, gold investing seems to be the way to go. Gold prices continue to climb! Did you know gold prices are 300% more than what they were a decade ago? However, that is not all that’s neat to know about gold!

A few neat things to know about gold:

Gold nuggets, are extremely rare, and out of all the gold mined, the gold nuggets make up less than two percent. Can you imagine what one would bring in if they were lucky enough to find a gold nugget! Sad to say the only gold I own is the one on my finger.

It is approximated the amount of gold mined worldwide, is only 152,000 metric tons, which would only fill roughly sixty tractor trailers! Which would mean that’s a lot of recycling!

On record the largest gold nugget found weighed roughly 172 pounds! This beauty was discovered in 1869, in Victoria, Australia. After being melted down, it was approximately 156 pounds of pure gold. Can you imagine what that would have sold for today.

Victoria, Australia, seems to be where the large nuggets are coming from. The largest gold nugget that exists today, weighs 60 pounds, and was found in October of 1980.  This one is currently on display in Las Vegas. Can you guess where in Vegas, this gold nugget is at? Well, what better place than the Gold Nugget casino!

That sure gives you something to think about! Do you know any other neat things to know about gold?

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