Spam, Spam Go Away

I recently switched plugins not long ago from Aksimet to G.A.S.P, I figured this would help with the spambots. Well, I was somewhat right, now I am getting comments that have nothing to do with the posts they are trying to comment on!

Is anyone else getting massive spam comments coming from some Panama Offshore company. Now unless they have got some offshore money for me that some long lost relative has left in their will to me, then they need to give it up! I kid you not, I have gotten like 10 comments just today.

I find some of these comments, to darn funny. Here are a few from this company…

From my Price Check in Lawn and Garden?

While I dont want be force-fed something new every other day waiting for a new season or holiday to arrive is like waiting on death!Retail price for these ??? Looks easily enough to replicate right?I closed my lips when I saw the price point. Ill pick them up from ULTA when I have a coupon or at least when Im not on ahousehold pickup at the drugstore.Retail price 11.99 It was only a matter of time before we would see these- Cream Shadow Paints!!

I go back to Dollar Tree over and over because I can depend on the store having quality products great prices and helpful staff. I just got my daughter a Websters Dictionary and saved about five dollars off the price I saw at the local book store. Anyway I cant say enough good stuff about Dollar Tree.

Come on odesk Employers, at least hire people that make since, and for those thinking as long as you click the box, doesn’t mean I will hit the accept button.

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