The Freedom of Sending Flowers

My husband and I have lived in TN as a family for going on 7 years, I believe. One thing that bothers me about being so far away from my family, is I miss all those special days, and when family gets sick, I am not there to show I care, and I am thinking about them.

In the past 7 years I have sent several different family members flowers, to let them know when they were having a rough time, I was thinking about them. They say flowers will brighten any ones day! If it wasn’t for flower companies offering online flower delivery, this would not have been possible.

My family is 800 miles away, and with the price of gas and traveling expenses there is absolutely no way, I would have been able to show my love in person. Online flower retailers, give me the freedom to order any flowers I want, set a time for delivery and pay all online.

Granted, I would rather be by their side, when they need my shoulder. However, when it is not possible, I do have the ability to show my love, and brighten the room with their favorite flowers, or even a big teddy bear.

When my husbands Aunt passed on, we were unable to attend her funeral, we ordered a beautiful peace lily, and had it delivered to the family.

The few times I have ordered flowers online, the arrangements always made it to the proper party, in a timely manner, and they were stunning!

Have any of you ordered flowers online? What were some of the experiences you had? I would love to hear what others think about ordering flowers online.

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