Heat Strokes and Bunnies

Holland Lop Ear

RIP Chipmunk 8/6/2011

Never in a million years would I have ever thought a heat stroke would kill our beloved Chipmunk. As many know we are getting ready to move, so we have been having a moving sale, in this sale I was trying to sell the bunnies to a good home. I took them outside today about 10am, they had water, and I had them under a screened in tent.

Both sides were open so they had a breeze. This breeze however was not good enough,  after being outside for about 3 hours, I noticed chipmunk laying up in the corner, she looked like she was dying. I quickly brought her into the cool area, and we started to get her wet, to cool her down. After about an hour she was becoming more alert, so we thought.

We even got her to drink some water, but it wasn’t good enough, she started to have what we assume were convulsions. She was moving funny, she still had feeling and all but she couldn’t move her back end. A short time later she died. :(

Lesson learned the hard way, NEVER let a bunny outside with temps over 90 degrees.

RIP Chipmunk. :(

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  1. Ohh Nooo.. how sad and what a sad day for you guys :-( who would have thought.. especially since a lot of people have their Bunnies outside … wowo.. so sorry (((HUGS)))

    • Very sad, we decided now we are just going to keep the other bunny. The person we got the bunnies from have her bunnies outside, so I honestly didn’t think anything would go wrong, since they did have water, and were in a shaded area. Guess somethings in life you learn the hard way, I figured she was having a heat stroke so I googled it, we did everything it suggested, it just wasn’t enough. We are in an area where the vets don’t do bunnies.

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