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Have you ever went to get internet service only to be told different things from every person you spoke with? One thing I dislike about being where I am right now, is the shitty service. We are in the country so we are very limited on what we can get… I called a place called Centurylink to get service, good lord, their reps are far from bright.

I called and ordered the line on Monday, I stated I wanted the 15mbps connection. It was going to be $54.95 a month! The guy took my information and stated I would get service on Wednesday. Wednesday came, so I called to see when we would get hooked up, they told me before 5pm. Five started to get closer, so I called yet again, and was told “oh your not suppose to be hooked up until tomorrow the 25th” Nice, two people told me Wednesday, now I am being told Thursday.

Fine whatever, so Thursday gets here, they come hook me up, my husband notices that it is only 3mbps, he questions it and is told that is all we can get out here… Well, why did the guy place my order for 15mbps and tell me it would be 54.95 a month, OH YEA BECAUSE HE PLACED THE ORDER FOR 3MBPS, SINCE HE KNEW THAT IS ALL WE COULD GET… Thanks wise one from Centurylink, that not only lies to customers, but also misleads them.

So, I call centurylink yet again, to find out what am I being charged for, they stated 3mbps, I asked the price and was told 26 something plus the modem… okay fine whatever, he then for some reason puts me to Customer service… I ask why I am being told different things from different reps… I then ask her how much my bill will be… she states $54.95…. I beg to differ, I will be damned if they are going to charge me 54.95 when I was going to pay that for the 15mbps… I am so pissed by this time, I have now spoke with not one, not two, not even three BUT… SIX reps from centurylink all have told me something different. I inform this lady her prices are incorrect and I wanted to speak with someone that new what the hell they was talking about. She didn’t like that too much started to cut me off saying she does know what she is talking about, at that time I asked for a supervisor…

Now the 7th person from centurylink gets on informs me I have to sign a one year contract… cough I asked if I needed a contract when I placed the order on Monday and was told NO. I got the bill lowered, I am none to happy with the service I have received thus far, and if another provider was in this area I would switch in a heart beat.

I contacted corporate they are unsure on why I was told all the different things I was told, they can go through the call recordings and see I was told all these different prices, I hope they get to the bottom line, I don’t think I will ever be pleased with their service.

And to top it off, when my husband asked tech about it… their response was “who are you going to believe tech or someone from a different state…”

Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you tech… If everyone was on the same page, it wouldn’t be about who are you going to believe…

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