New Laws Banning Smokers

Are you tired of all the new laws going into effect banning smokers from smoking in buildings? Recently, in Arkansas a new law was passed were you cannot smoke with children in your car. These laws do not effect me anymore, I have not smoked in almost 3 years. At times, I do wish I was still smoking, because for me it was a great stress reliever.

However, without me smoking any more, and my husband still smoking, the smoke tends to bother me. I came across this electric cigarette that will allow people to use it in most places that have a cigarette ban, because it doesn’t produce the harmful smoke. What I find neat about this thing, is it also comes in different flavors.

I am really thinking about looking into getting this for my husband, because I know he will probably never quit smoking, and well I have a hard time sitting with him in the same room while he smokes, because the smoke bugs my eyes. It is weird how I could smoke for 12 years, and the smoke not effect me, but now that I don’t smoke it bugs me like no tomorrow.

This electric cigarette is not intended to be used to help you quit smoking, so if your one of the ones, that love smoking and do not want to quit, you have no worries with using this product.

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