Picking Out The Perfect Engagement Ring

Have you ever searched online for engagement rings, and thought to yourself, one day that ring would be on my finger? I remember when I was younger, I would do just that. I would search for different rings, and compare what I liked about each one. Then I would daydream about my big day. It would be perfect, everything would have a place, and I would have this amazing cake, I would have everyone I loved watching as I marry the man of my dreams.

However, things didn’t quite turn out like my dreams. I did marry the man of my dreams, but our big wedding never happened.

When my husband and I got engaged, we went with a non-expensive but nice engagement set. We had looked at several different designer engagement rings, however, we had a hard time finding something we liked, and could also get a matching band for, in our price range. I love the set we picked out, all three bands match, and it isn’t flashy.

I do still look at different engagement rings, not because I don’t like the set I have, but I would love to still have that fairytale wedding one day, and possibly get a “renew your vows” set. A girl can never have to many diamonds can she?

While searching for my “renew your vows” ring, I stumbled upon Since1910.com engagement rings. These engagement rings are absolutely amazing, but who said you have to wear them as an engagement ring. That is one thing that is great about engagement rings, just because it is labeled as an engagement ring, doesn’t mean you can only wear it as an engagement ring. If you have a special event you plan on attending, you could definitely wear these rings.

Since1910.com, also has some amazing jewelery! I have always been a ring girl, and if I could wear tons of rings, and not look silly I would. I currently have about three rings, that I LOVE. Of course, my favorite is my wedding set.

How many of you, have sat and just daydreamed about your big day, whether as a child or now?


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  1. I totally agree! There are so many stunning rings available “labeled” as engagement rings that are simply just a beautiful piece of jewelry. I decided upon a simple, sapphire solitaire as my engagement ring http://www.brilliantearth.com/news/simple-engagement-rings/ but have since purchased two other “vintage engagement rings” for everyday wear.. I have a feeling there will be more ;) Thanks for your post.

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