Rafflecopter and The Error

After posting my thoughts on the back end of rafflecopter, I got some response that the rafflecopter doesn’t work for some people. EEK I never new this, I am big into entering giveaways, and I enter TONS, and I have personally never ever had an issues with getting an error message.

After reading these comments, it bugged me to know some people are not being able to enter giveaways on the rafflecopter. With several bloggers now using it, I contacted rafflecopter. This way if they were unaware of the issue they could look into it. However, I should have Googled first. Rafflecopter is aware of this issue and you can read about it here.

To make things fair, I am also going to include away for y’all to enter via comments for those that cannot get rafflecopter to work. I will personally add these to the excel spreadsheet. This way it is fair to everyone.

I hope this helps those that are having issues with rafflecopter.

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  1. wow didn’t know that.. I never had a problem myself.

  2. Thanks for adding the extra way to enter. Rafflecopter just will not work for me. I’ve emailed Greg several times and still no resolution. I don’t even bother with Rafflecopter giveaways anymore so thanks for thinking of those who cannot enter.

  3. I’ve had some minor issues with Rafflecopter, but love and prefer Rafflecopter giveaways. I’ve been talking with Greg and they are working on some fixes and are completely overhauling it. It won’t use cookies anymore so that should solve a lot of people’s problems. I promise I don’t work for Rafflecopter, just don’t write them off yet :)

    • I agree Rachel! It is still in beta, and like all new things there will always be some sort of issues. The guys working on rafflecopter though are working on solving those issues as they arise. I have never had an issue with rafflecopter, except when amazon server was down. HOWEVER, I have had many issues with both wordpress and blogger. Google blogger comments are down a lot, and wordpress likes to tell me I do not have javascript enabled.

      I think a lot of the reason people do not like it, is because of the fact it is new, and people do not like change. I think some people abuse it though, having 247023987403294 ways to enter one giveaways is a bit much I think. BUt it is their giveaways and I guess if I want a good chance at winning I will like all those 23493097424 fb pages.

      Most my issues are with the bloggers, making 8 different MANDATORY things that is a bit much and I usually walk away from those, only because my twitter is limited out right now.

  4. I haven’t had any issues but I do hope they get the bugs out of the beta so more bloggers will use Rafflecopter. It’s so much easier and less cumbersome than most of the other methods.

    • I agree, I have had no issues either, and I would love for more bloggers to us it. It makes entering so much easier, and you can keep track better.

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