Stop Smoking With The E Cigarette

I cannot believe I have been cigarette free for about 3 years now! Only if my husband would kick the habit we would be set. My sister is also a smoker, and she has been looking into getting the E Cigarette, to help her kick the nasty habit. I have been trying for awhile to win her an electric cigarette, but no luck yet.

The first time I ever heard about the electric cigarette was about 3.5 years ago, when all the bans went into place banning smokers from smoking under roofs. I started seeing several people turn to using them, not only are they safer for the environment they are also safer for one to smoke. I am not saying smoke the electric cigarette, and eliminate your chances of cancer, or anything like that. However, there are many benefits to smoking the electric cigarette over a tobacco cigarette.

Such as, no more tar. When I was smoking I would use one of those plastic filters to catch a lot of the tar, before it entered my lungs. Did you know after about 3 cigarettes on that thing, it was BLACK. I can only imagine what my lungs were looking like. No more tobacco, this stuff can be a mess. No more ash, I always hated smoking to have the hots fall off in my lap, OUCH. With the E Cigarette you will not have this problem. You will also be able to smoke it under roofs.

The e cigarette, is a great alternative for those trying to stop smoking, and having a hard time kicking the habit.

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