Weed Eater Gone Wild

Last year right before winter I went and bought my husband a new weed eater (yea go ahead and make fun, my husband does). Anyways, we were outside last week doing yard work when all of a sudden the piece with the blades flew off! The shaft of the weed eater, got so hot it melted the part off where the blades attach to it!

My husband was mad to say the least, he came inside and googled it, found out several others had the same issue. Needless to say I do not still have the receipt so sending this back to be fixed isn’t going to happen. I am not to pleased with the fact this has only been used a handful of times, and now needs to be fixed, or I can say to heck with this brand all together and purchase a new one for him.

An echo trimmer might be on the “things that husband will like for Christmas” list. After all Christmas is not that far away, time to start saving. Maybe I will get lucky and win him a new weed eater.


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  1. How scary! Hope no one was injured!

    Can you look back through bank statements or credit card statements for proof of purchase?


    Jammie Reply:

    I think this was one of those times, were I actually paid cash. I have the box still, just no receipt. LOL Yea, I keep boxes, but not the small piece of paper that matters. I need to start scanning the important ones and placing them on the computer so I have them. When it flew off it went straight so thankfully no one got hurt. But the weed eater got really hot


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