What Image Editing Program Do You Use?

Have you ever had a picture that was in desperate need of being restored? However, finding the perfect program to restore your image was a bigger chore, than actually editing the image. Trying to find the perfect program to edit your images, can be easier then what you thought.

I have personally tried many different photo editing programs. I have tried many free ones, as well as several of the ones you have to purchase. Out of all the ones that I’ve tried, when it comes to editing my images, the image editing program I like the best is Photoshop. Photoshop to me seemed to have more options, when it came to restoring and editing my images. So for what I was looking for, this program was perfect.

I was first introduced to Photoshop when I was in High School. I remember we had these weird cameras and my teacher at the time, sent them home with us. The project was to take as many pictures as we could. Once we had several, he taught us how to blend the pictures and make them look like one.

The outcome was amazing. However, that was many years ago, and I somewhat forgot how to do all those neat things we were taught. So, when I first started using Photoshop again, I was lost, it was all foreign to me, even though I once used this program in High School. After playing around with it some, it started to slowly come back to me. Now, I am no pro, however, I know my way around the program pretty well.

My next step is to learn more about graphic designs. I would love to learn how to make graphics using Photoshop. Graphic design to me is a bit more challenging than simple edits of my photos. One day, I will sit down and tackle the task of learning how to make all those fancy images. I love scrapbooking, and it would be great to make all of my images, instead of having to search for some great embellishments online.

How about all of you, what program do you love using for your photo editing?


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