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Is it just me, or have they been playing some pretty stupid commercials lately? I mean, some of these commercial I have been seeing are ones that make me go hmmm… We are in a hard spot right now, and all these with large amounts of money can do, is advertise with stupid commercials. How about cut the cost of things, so the normal person can afford to purchase what you are trying to sell us.

One commercial I find annoying, is the All State raccoon commercial, I mean come on really?

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  1. This happened to my neighbor. Raccoons got in through the attic vents-they actually broke the vents to get in. Then they had babies up in their attic. They had to get an animal control guy to come out. He put traps in the yard and in the house. They caught 8 adult raccoons and removed 3 babies from the attic.

    When they first called their insurance company they said they wouldn’t cover the repairs. Then the animal control guy told them what to say.

    They had to have all the insillation in the roof replaced(it was covered with feces) they had to have all the vents in the roof replaced, special screening put around the chimneys- it was amazing how much damage was caused.

    I live next door to them and would see the animals in the traps being taken away.
    We live in the suburbs with houses about twenty feet apart from each other.

    So, yes this does happen. I saw it first hand this past spring.

    • I know animals get in attics, we had bats once in ours, I am just saying the commercial in general is stupid. Insurance companies will try to get out of just about anything.

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