Ash Handling Systems

If you have ever had some sort of fire, you know once you burn something it turns into ash. Growing up we had a fire place, and every time we had a fire, the ash piled up. We would have to clean out the ash pretty much daily to keep the fire place operating like it shoild have been, and not causing no unneeded dangers.

Big plants are the same way, they burn daily, and they are burning a lot more then one would in a fire place. Could you imagine having to clean out the burn area of these factories? That would be more then a full time job, and I know I sure wouldn’t want to be the ash cleaner. Thankfully, factories have products such as ash handling systems.

These systems clean up the ash, and then the ash is properly disposed of, whether it is being set a side to be used for something else such as roads, or being trashed. Either way the handling systems are a pretty effective way to keep the ash clear so that the factories can continue to operate smoothly.

If you have a fire pit what do you use the ash for? We use the ash in the yard, it helps keep the grass green.


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