Behind On A Project Due To Lack Of Organization

I will admit I can at times, be very unorganized and when this happens projects and tasks get left undone. Why, because I am unsure what I have done, and what I am still working on. I try to remain focused, and to keep it all in logs, but again I am a mom and wife, and sometimes I am called away from the project at hand.

I have found having project management software helps me not only keep the tasks at hand organized, but also lets me accomplish the task in a reasonable manner. This will also give me records on how long it actually took me to complete the task.

If you are a small business owner, and work with many clients. Project management software is a must have! If a client wants to see logs of what you did, and when you did it, you have them. I watch to many court shows, where the client is wanting to see records, and the business owner has nothing. Not because they had done nothing, but because they personally didn’t feel it was needed. So not only will keeping better track of your projects benefit you, it will also benefit your clients.

Do you have a method you use, to keep track of the projects you are working on? I would often just keep track with it all in my mind, then I became overwhelmed, and lost track and focus, now I keep logs of what I have to do, and what I have done. No more forgetting, now I just open the logs, and jump right back in where I left off at.

Keeping logs on what you are doing only takes a few extra minutes, and once you get the hang of it, you will be thanking yourself, for doing logs.


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