Coming On 3 Years Of Being Smoke Free

It has been almost 3 years, since I smoked my last cigarette, I won’t lie to this day, it is still some what hard. With being around several people that smoke including my husband, there are times, I would like to pick one up and smoke away. Sometimes life is overly stressful, and I personally used smoking as a way to kill some stress.

Did it really kill the stress, or was it all in my head. Me thinking “oh I have a smoke things will be better” I really think it was all in my head. The main reason I do not start smoking again, is it would probably kill me, I smoked for 11 years, with having asthma and getting sick several times a year with breathing issues, NO FUN!

The second reason being the price, with my husband and I both smoking we were paying close to $60 a week on cigarettes, and that was 3 years ago, the prices have went up a lot since then. I wish my husband would quit smoking.

I have been doing some research and checking out the CigArrest reviews, they have already helped millions quit, and you can try it risk free, I may have to see if my dad would be interested in checking this out, I know my husband is not ready to quit. They say if you are not ready, you will never be able to up and quit.

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