Getting The Right Wine

When I think of wine, I think of grapes, I mean who doesn’t love grapes. I have only had wine a few times, so I am no wine expert. My husband on the other hand can tell a fine wine apart from a cheap wine. He says the finer wines will go down a lot smoother, than a cheap wine. When he drinks wine he wants only the best. He says the better the wine the smoother the drink. Wines are to complicated for me, you have your red wines, and your white wines. You have your older wines, and your young ones, and your tastes all vary.

When I drink I want something a bit more simple. I like covering up the alcohol taste, so I usually got for the mixed drinks, which is once a year.  However, I love cooking with wine, I personally think the wine brings out the flavor in the foods more. So even if one doesn’t drink wines, wine gifts are great for everyone. I have seen several great recipes, that have called for either red wine or white wine.

Have you ever tried veggies cooked on the grill in a good red wine? Yummy!

Plus, when purchasing wine as a gift for that someone special, you will not go wrong, if you know what kind they normally drink. :)

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  1. I cook with wine a lot – marinate meats, add some to spaghetti sauce, tons of recipes. It just gives things an extra “oomph” :) I’m your newest follower and would love for you to follow back!

    • I have never thought to add it to spaghetti sauce! I am going to have to give that a try. I agree about the extra oomph! Thanks for the follow, following you back.

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