Security Solutions for Developers

Today technology changes at an astonishing rate. Developers are always making new innovations and increasingly making existing technologies more efficient and secure to adapt to the growing needs of the development community.

There are many things a developer should look for when finding an ideal platform to build upon. a primary concern for any developer is application security. If development tools do not adhere to strict security guidelines applications can be made with flaws which result in exploitable data. Developers must focus heavily on the security of the application as well as it’s fundamentals. A great deal of care must be taken to produce a program that performs as planned that also complies with security best practices.

Another often overlooked security issue in development is content security. Without proper content security applications are open to data manipulation and/or data retrieval. In the recent months we have seen many instances of this all over the news. This may be one of the most important aspects of today’s security principles. Without data being completely secured it opens up the doors for intruders to gain access to private data or even worse change it’s contents.

There are lots of core issues that must be addressed when examining things from a development standpoint. One more important concern as a developer is signature validation. Proper validation of signatures is ideal for todays best security procedures. With identity, credit card and bank theft on the rise digital signature verification is a last line of defense against would be malicious intruders.

There are a great deal of development tools available today. Take care when choosing the programs and interfaces to assist your development projects. Make sure they are secure and apply code in a clean and efficient way to deliver optimal results. It’s a developers responsibility to make sure the programs and tools they develop are safe for all end users and don’t subject the user to exploits, data manipulation or validation errors that could result in breach of the users system. Security is one of the most major issues in today’s IT development practices and should always be one of the highest priorities on any developers palette.

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