Seizures In Dogs

I never new dogs could have seizures until recently. My dad has a few dogs, and the one has seizures every few weeks. The vet has him on meds, but they do not seem to be working. Tonight has I stood in the living room watching outdoors, I notice the dog acting funny. I asked my dad if he was having a seizure, he got up looked laughed a little and said no.

The dog then started shaking really bad, and then on came the seizure. His poor doggy ended up having 4 seizures within about 30 minutes. It was very scary. I have never in my life experienced seeing this happen. The poor dog was helpless, and even after he was done having the seizures he was still out of it, and all loopy for a good hour.

My dad said whenever he has a seizure he is different afterwards, and he has to relearn almost everything. The vet said they cannot take test, until the dog has had no seizures. It makes me wonder what the main cause is of the random seizures.

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  1. Its scary even thinking about it again, I still miss my baby girl!! I know I will always miss her and never ever forget about her. I know she has no more pain where she is now, Crazy taught me so much in her short life. I wish this never had happen to her but I guess it just proves God only takes the best! R.I.P my baby Crazy girl!

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