Setting Up The Daughter’s Bedroom

Lately we have been busy setting up Gillian’s bedroom, she is super excited to finally have her own room. She has always had a play room, but when it comes to bedtime, it has always been in our bedroom. Now her bedroom is closer, so I can feel a bit safer at night when she is sleeping. I want to set her room up girly like, she is a cat lover, so I was thinking about getting her a few cat lamps, to set her room off.

Of course, I will have to get her approval on everything, and with it being a smaller room, I want to make sure she has enough moving space in there. I would also like to put a small card table in there for her, so she has a place to set her laptop. In order to do that though I am going to have to make sure, we have the proper card table dimensions. I would like to set it in the corner with a nice chair for her, this way when she has her cousins stay if they want to play a game, all they have to do is move the laptop.

I am also really tempted to get her a reclaimed wood coffee table. I know you are probably thinking coffee table for a bedroom…

However, I think it would add a nice touch in there, and we could put the T.V on it, as well as the Wii. This would help keep her bedroom a bit cleaner. Since it has an open closet,  I think the coffee table would fit in there nicely. But then again, she is a kid, and I will have to make sure she likes it before any finally decisions are made.


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  1. Mrs Anonymous says:

    You know that sounds like a cute idea

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