Tungsten Wedding Band For Him

How often does one take time to find the perfect band for their soon to be husband? I know a lot of thought is put into her wedding set. Whether it is the soon to be husband searching endlessly for the perfect ring for his soon to be bride, or the soon to be bride dropping hints to the rings she likes the best. Most times she gets the ring she has always dreamed of, but does the husband get the ring he really wants.

I will admit though, not much thought was put into that perfect ring for my husband. We found a wedding set that was nice, but fairly cheap, and we went with it. I wish we would have waited, because shortly after purchasing our rings, my husband found some nice tungsten wedding bands. He has always preferred the tungsten rings, over any other ring for one reason, they are not to flashy, he likes simple things that get the point across.

My personal favorite of these rings, is the black tungsten rings. I think if my husband had the pick of the black or the silver, he too would pick black.  The reason being is, it lets others know he is married, and at the same time it isn’t to flashy. I know my husband is not much into flashy jewelry, and I already have a hard time getting him to wear his wedding band. I think if it was something a bit different he would be better at keeping it on his finger.

I have been thinking about checking into getting him a new band, maybe if it were something a bit different he would wear it. Granted it is just a ring, but I want him to be proud of wearing it, and letting the world know, he is married. So I have been checking out the rings at MensTungstenOnline.com, I have found a few that I would love to get him, I am thinking since Christmas is coming up maybe surprising him.

What do y’all think? Do you think I should surprise my husband with a ring he would like, and hopefully wear, or should I just let it be, and be happy we are still happily married?

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