5 Upcoming Young Actors You’ll Know About Soon

Everyone loves to watch a movie with their favorite actor after they become really famous. Most actors tend to do some of their best work when they are young and unknown. Watching someone mature as an actor through their films can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Fortunately, there are 5 actors that are currently relatively unknown but will be stars in no time.

Fans of the television series Parks and Recreation will know Chris Pratt as Andy, but he has not done much work outside that show. Pratt recently gave a great performance in the movie Moneyball and has several more films coming out later this year. He stars with his wife, Anna Faris, in her upcoming movie What’s Your Number? Pratt will surely be seen in blockbuster comedies for years to come because of his great comedic timing and delivery.Juno Temple is a 22 year old British actress that has only gotten smaller film roles until this year. Temple will surely become a star after her appearance in two upcoming blockbuster movies, The Three Musketeers and The Dark Knight Rises. Her appearance in the upcoming Batman film will allow everyone to see her talent and begin to realize that she is an up and coming star.Felicity Jones is another young British actress that is unknown in the U.S. Most of her previous work has been on British movies and television shows. While she continues to work mostly in England, she has starring roles in two upcoming American films. Jones will star along with Helen Mirren in The Tempest and the critically acclaimed Like Crazy. Like Crazy has already won several awards and surely will get some Oscar buzz next year.Anthony Mackie is best known for his supporting role in The Hurt Locker, which is allowing him to get a lot more work in films. He recently starred with Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau, and already has 7 more films that are going to release by the end of next year. He has yet to get a starring role in a major film, but if he continues to put up solid stress free performances in supporting roles he certainly has a chance to become a star.

Jessica Chastian is probably the most destined for stardom on the list. She has already starred in two huge films this year, The Debt and The Help. She easily gave the best performance in The Debt and outperformed Helen Mirren. Chastain has also starred in several smaller films this year with Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Al Pacino. No matter the size of the film, she always gives a great performance which has gotten her recognized fairly quickly.

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