Dexter My Favorite Serial Killer!

Who here watches Dexter? My husband got me into Dexter in Season 2, at first I was sickened by all the blood and such. However, after I actually sat down and watched it, I fell in love with Dexter. Michael C. Hall is perfect for the part.

What do yall think will happen this season? Do you think Deb will find new love?

I personally do not like Deb on the show, she is just um ugh. One of those characters I could live without.

I am trying to figure out what will happen next, they did a good job with this season with making you think. Many times my husband and I will give each other that look, as in okay. And some of the phrases they have Deb saying, my husband will bust out laughing.

Do you think Dexter will get caught soon? What do you love best about Dexter?

What I love best, is Michael C. Hall, if they were to ever get a new Dexter I would stop watching.



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  1. Soha Molina says:

    Dexter is one of my favorite shows. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that lovable killer? lol.. He is a very likable character.


    Jammie Reply:

    Same here! I agree he is very likeable, I wish they would pair him up with something that is the same way he is. I loved last season!


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