Does The Economy Have You Dropping Cable and Going To DVD’s

Does the economy have you finding other ways for entertainment? I know in my family we have eliminated about half of our spending, we spend on things we need and not on things we want. At one time we had all the channels on Directv, it seemed like the cost kept raising and it was either remove them all, or remove the majority of them, and just rent dvd movies. We opt to remove almost all the channels, this dropped our bill by over half.

Sometimes it is hard to completely shut something off that you’re so use to having, I know if it ever came down to us having to completely drop our Satellite, I would miss a lot of the shows I am so use to watching, and I know my daughter would be lost with out her channels. How can companies make us so dependent on them.

I know with the fall of the economy though many families not just mine are finding other sources of entertainment. Does the economy have you changing how you find your entertainment?

One thing I like to do is swap movies out with my sister, she has movies we have never seen and we have movies she has yet to see. Swapping movies out is a great way to get entertainment, and still not break what little bit of money you have.

What other ways do you find entertainment without costing you a fortune?


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